John W. Mulholland 3

John has 30 years of total experience in the outdoor advertising industry dating back  to 1993. Currently he serves as Partner at D.O.T. Outdoor Advertising, overseeing all  sales operations.  

John began working in outdoor advertising at United Media Group in Fort Wayne,  Indiana. He started out in sales where he was responsible for the Bus Hut Shelters until  ultimately being appointed General Manager.  

In 2001, John accepted a new challenge and began working in sales for Bressler Outdoor Advertising, LLC, a company based in Orlando, Florida. While there, he  worked extensively to help establish a presence in multiple markets across the country  including Findlay, Ohio, Marion, Indiana, Marion, Illinois, Paducah, Kentucky, Cape  Girardeau, Missouri, Fort Smith, Arkansas and Yakima, Washington. He served in this position until the company was sold to Lamar Advertising in 2004.  

John then went to work with several of his former associates in 2004 at Olympus Media, LLC, a new outdoor advertising company based in Alpharetta, Georgia. As the very first sales representative hired, he relocated from Indiana to Georgia and had a successful sales career there during a period of remarkable growth through acquisitions until 2012 when those outdoor assets were sold to Fairway Outdoor Media.

Following this successful venture, John then worked for over three years with Outfront Media, Inc. where he was responsible for sales.  

In 2014, John teamed up with his former associate Kurt McLaughlin on a new outdoor advertising project. Since then, he and Kurt have worked closely together as they have grown the assets and presence of what has now become D.O.T. Outdoor Advertising, LLC.  

John is a huge sports fan and has travelled all over the country for sporting events. He also enjoys travelling to Europe and he has a personal goal of one trip per year “across the pond”. A true Irishman, he has been to Ireland six times and has extensive  knowledge of the country. John is single and enjoys spending time with his family. His  father passed away in 2017, but his mother is still living. He also has two brothers, two  sisters-in-law, and five nieces.

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