Kurt McLaughlin

Kurt has over thirty years of management experience in the outdoor advertising industry. He currently serves as Managing Partner overseeing the day-to-day operations for D.O.T. Outdoor Advertising, LLC. Kurt also does freelance consulting and business advisory services for outdoor advertising, and he has given over 10 expert testimonies within the industry ranging from lawsuits, full market value determinations, and interpretation of rules and regulations.

Kurt served on the Board of Directors for the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia from 2007 through 2010. While in this capacity, he Chaired the State Rules and Regulations Committee, which regularly met with Georgia state officials regarding the rules and regulations that governed the Outdoor Advertising Industry in Georgia. He was also a critical participant in the 40 plus year battle to successfully pass legislation that gave billboard owners in Georgia permission to cut trees along the state right of way. By finally achieving this victory for the industry, millions of dollars in value was created for the thousands of hidden and blocked billboard faces in Georgia, in addition to new revenue the state can collect for allowing those tree cuts.

Kurt most recently served as Vice President of Development at Olympus Media, LLC, an outdoor advertising company headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia that operated over 4,000 advertising displays. While at Olympus Media, Kurt was assigned to the mergers and acquisitions team that helped create in eight short years through more than 67 acquisitions and new market development the eighth largest outdoor advertising company in North America by revenue. He was also personally involved in converting and building 56 digital faces throughout the Atlanta, GA area, making Olympus the leader in digital LED faces in Atlanta for many years. Those outdoor assets were successfully sold to Fairway Outdoor Media in 2012.

Prior to Olympus Media, Kurt served as a Real Estate and Operations Manager for Bressler Outdoor Advertising, LLC, a private outdoor advertising company located in Orlando, Florida. Its core business focused on leasing, developing, and operating outdoor advertising structures in multiple municipalities throughout the United States. That enterprise was successfully sold to Lamar Advertising in 2004.

Kurt currently resides in Pine Mountain, Georgia with his wife Allison and their children Ashlyn, Seth, Joshua and Sydney. He enjoys snow skiing, music, high performance cars and spending his free time with his family.

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